Quality Assurance

Quality in the clinical trial process is essential in order to ensure data integrity and subject safety. Although quality is the responsibility of every staff member, TASK has a dedicated Quality team with the necessary knowledge and expertise to oversee and ensure a quality maintained throughout the development process and conduct of your trial.


A Quality team with more than 10 years’ experience in good clinical practice and clinical trials across various phases, range of sponsors and many therapeutic areas.


A clinical quality management plan that can be tailor made to your specific needs – whether you need all key indicators to be reviewed or considering a risk based monitoring approach.


Various Quality Assurance tools were developed and can be utilized to review and report on quality within your trial: included but not limited to informed consent, source, protocol  compliance , IP accountability, IP reconciliation and IP compliance, site file administration , data queries and subject safety.

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TASK Quality Assurance: 021 100 3606

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Services Offered:

  • Quality Assurance of your clinical trial tailored to your needs
  • Evaluations & assistance  – whether you have a mature quality management system in place or wanting to develop a quality management  plan or just wondering about your current quality status of your trial, members of the TASK Quality team can be outsourced to independently conduct a quality assurance visit at your site to evaluate your current site systems and / or  perform a gap analysis of systems and procedures to be put in to place
  • Audit readiness – an upcoming inspection can be a daunting experience but the TASK Quality team can assist you by reviewing your data and assisting your staff in performing a mock regulatory / GCP inspection.
  • Training  – TASK Academy offers:

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