TASK Laboratory is a dedicated bio safety level 3 clinical trials laboratory providing high quality microbiology diagnostic services. The laboratory offers services to various investigators, clinical research organizations and trial sponsors involved in diagnosis and development of vaccines and drugs in the field of infectious diseases, particularly tuberculosis. TASK Laboratory has local affiliations with the University of Stellenbosch and partnerships with international trial networks and development consortia.

TASK has two dedicated P3 laboratories located in its new premises in Glenlily, Parow. The lab currently offers sputum smear microscopy (Auramine-O and Ziehl-Neelsen), liquid and solid culture (MGIT and 7H11 agar plates), rapid chromatographic immunoassay (MPT64 antigen test), molecular testing (Xpert MTB/RIF and GenoType line probe assays), as well as phenotypic and molecular drug susceptibility testing of a range of anti-tuberculosis drugs. TASK is specialised in colony counts for early bactericidal activity (EBA) studies as well as performing minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) determinations of novel antibiotic compounds.

TASK Laboratory currently occupies 200 m2 floor space accommodating 22 full-time staff members. There is an additional 100 m2 available for further expansion, to include different test platforms and novel diagnostics.



Contact details:

  • 021 100 3606
  • 187-189 Voortrekker Road,

    Glenlily, Parow,

    7500, Cape Town, South Africa

  • Please note in order to physically visit us, use the GPS coordinates provided in the visit us section by selecting TASK HQ, or enter Smith Street, Glenlily, Parow into your GPS device. TASK HQ is the 3 story building recognizable by the proud standing blue wall.