TASK Academy was founded in 2017, since then more than 250 participants have attended the accredited GCP course which included site staff from countries such as The Netherlands, South America, Portugal and Spain. An accredited Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP) course was added to the curriculum in 2020.

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Good Clinical Practice Courses

What is GCP

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is an international ethical and scientific quality standard for designing, conducting, recording and reporting trials that involve the participation of human subjects.

Accredited Beginner GCP Course

What is this course about?

TASK Academy offers a one day accredited GCP Beginner’s course where we focus on the local and international standards of GCP. During this course, you are introduced to:

  • Where GCP originated from and why you need to comply.
  • The life cycle of clinical trial.
  • The importance of all role players in a clinical research.

Who must attend this course?

If you are interested in starting a career in clinical trials it is compulsory to attend a full beginners face to face GCP course as a certificate in GCP is needed to work in clinical trials.

Accredited Refresher GCP Course

What is this course about?

TASK Academy offers an accredited GCP Refresher course where we aim to have an interactive session on good clinical practice discussing relevant challenging topics as found in the clinical trial industry.

Who must attend this course?

If you already previously attended a GCP course and your certificate is near it’s expiry date (valid for 3 years) you can attend this one day face to face refresher course to ensure your certificate and knowledge stays current.

Course Rates, Dates & Registration forms

GCP course for beginners:


9  February 2021

6 April 2021

8 June 2021

10 August 2021

5 October 2021

7 December 2021

Cost: R3 900.00 incl VAT

Venue : TASK HQ in Parow 

More Information
  • These are confirmed course dates for 2020 in Cape Town, Bellville.
  • Venues may vary but will either be in the Northern areas of Cape Town.
  • Please note that additional GCP training dates can be offered to groups of 6 or more (at your facility).
  • Contact TASK Academy at 021 100 3606 or click here

As an accredited course by the HPCSA, Task Academy aims to provide the opportunity for each research individual to understand clinical research concepts and terms and to build a strong foundation for creating and implementing scientific sound clinical research outcomes.

Recent testimony:

I would like to express my thanks for the training given yesterday and the previous session last month.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Never an easy task to make guideline training interesting.  Well done for achieving this with ease.

Thanks again.

Jeanette Young
Head of Quality Management

About the Presenters

Karen Cloete obtained her BSC degree in Occupational Therapy at the University of Stellenbosch in 1997 where after she opened her private practice, Boland Therapy and Learning Centre, in Paarl and Malmesbury

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Lauren Philips obtained her BSc (Hons) degree in Dietetics (2007), as well as her Masters in Nutrition degree (2015), both from the University of Stellenbosch.

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Riana Stander qualified as a General Registered Nurse and Midwife in 1987 from the VKOVS Nursing College of the Orange Free State. She began working at Wynberg II Military Hospital as a registered nurse and later as a Midwife and midwifery training facilitator in the obstetrics unit.

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Rudi started working in the clinical pathology laboratory environment in 1998 and developed a passion for quality management and training early in his career.

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Summary of course:

  • “I think that above all, for me, I learned about the rules, limits, and borders that cannot be transgressed when talking about doctor-patients relationships. Also science-humanity, ethics responsibility with the truth; and the respect for an entire bio-psycho-social human being.” Rosarito Coronel Teixeira, Paraguay
  • “Most importantly on regulatory issues, standards of reporting and record-keeping, quality control and ethics/informed consent with lots of practical/real-life examples. A broad introductory overview.” Tjeerd van der Veer, Netherlands


Other comments:

  • “The trainers were very professional, they made themselves clear from the beginning since they had good explanations with graphics on the slides. They really stand out in what they do. The trainers were easy to understand, the content was interesting, clear and practical, the class was interactive and at least for me, nothing was boring.” Rosarito Coronel Teixeira, Paraguay
  • “The trainers had lots of knowledge and experience of the topics at hand, critical yet constructive” Tjeerd van der Veer, Netherlands
  • “They are passionate about this subject and that’s contagious. I also liked the fact that they gave many examples from their experiences. The trainers were very flexible, professional, knowledgeable, interactive and enthusiastic. The PowerPoint presentations also looked good.”  Zita Swaders, Netherlands