Introduction to counselling training

On Friday 29 June 2018,our Task recruiters had an introduction to counselling training. It covered the following: Worldview and Attitude Self-Awareness Effective Listening skills Counselling Skills Ethics Counselling in Context This is normally a 3 day training that were done in 1 day. The recruiters really enjoyed it and I hope they can apply this…

Outreach at Jamestown.

Recently, a TASK community team visited the small Western Cape town of Jamestown. The purpose was to assist the Right to Care NPO with TB screening, advocacy and education. This will benefit the community by identifying TB cases and how then family and friends can best cope with it.

CAB collaborates with Women In Action

Women In Action (WIA) is a women organization founded and located in the suburb of Delft. The organization was formed with an objective to bring women in the community together. These women meet regularly to discuss various issues that women in Delft face. Such issues include women’s health and essential medical care.

Tri-Partner Quarterly Meeting

CAB and local clinics meeting to discuss clinical trials and patients participation in research. In attendance were CAB members and nurses from:Blue downs Clinics, Delft CHC, Belhar Clinic, Delft south Clinic, Mfuleni clinic and Symphony clinic.

CTU CAB Council

The CTU CAB (Community Advisory Board), TASK, DTTC and FAMCRU met to discuss better ways to build a bridge between research and the communities at their annual Community Advisory Board Clinical Research Sites event.

Vela in Kenya

TB Alliance Fellowship Training: The objective of the fellowship is mentoring, coaching and support, they visit sites where TB Alliance supports community engagement. “At the fellowship visit in Kibera Kenya, we met with Community Liasing Officer at Kemri Research Unit to discuss the Community Engagement program. We also met with the CAB members to share…

Visual Acuity Training at BCH

Lecturer Prasidh Ramson visited TASK Applied Science to bolster nurses’ training in three basic screening tests that are important for patients that have tuberculosis (TB).Michelle Eriksson, site coordinator at TASK Applied Science, said the training had been a valuable learning experience for nurses. See the full story here.