Cebisa Mdladla was one of the many matriculants who moved to Cape Town with a desire to study at a tertiary institution but like many, no-one was there to guide and assist him in making those tough choices, like where to study and how to apply, so he had to find his own way in a big new city.

Once successfully navigating these decisions and graduating, he realized the need to assist others in this journey, so that it would be easier for them to reach their dreams. He and his friends had always hoped that they could one day go back to the Eastern Cape and help other young learners with choosing their future careers so that’s exactly what they did.

Since 2006, Cebisa and his friends have been visiting schools situated in the rural areas of the Eastern Cape engaging with the matriculants on the opportunities which are available to them when they finish grade 12, and most importantly on how to apply to tertiary institutions.

In 2017 TASK sponsored the initiative with 100 books. The team has plans in place to reach more schools in rural areas this to hopefully help the next generation become great professionals.