24 March, Cape Town

Recently, TASK wanted to raise awareness about the global health challenge that is tuberculosis.
We collaborated with Bridges For Music students and wrote a song about TB, that encourages everyone to work together and continue to bring better, faster and affordable TB treatment to the global community, with an aim to eventually #ENDTB.

The video features, Bridges For Music vocal artists/students, TASK staff, Community Advisory Board (CAB) members, local (South African) clinic nurses and healthcare workers.

Further to this, across the City of Cape Town we, with a host of volunteers and Community Advisory Board (CAB) members, gathered many around various clinics and shopping malls and hosted events aimed at informing the attendees more about TB and how we can work together to end it.

Bishop Lavis Clinic used the World TB day celebrations to reach the patient families in the community. There were 40 families, (200 community members including 65 children under the age of 12.) 50 representatives from TASK, HIV &TB Care and Touching Nations were in attendance. A candle was lit at exactly 12:00, as was the case world wide for all joining in the campaign.

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