This past Friday, TASK was invited by the British Chamber of Commerce of South Africa to discuss “Facing the Virus: Medicine, Media and the Modern Pandemic”

Topics discussed incuded:

  • The cost of ‘Covid-19 hysteria’: what significant health challenges are being neglected or ignored while Covid-19 remains government’s No.1 priority?
  • And what will the human cost be, in lives lost, as TB patients for example are not diagnosed and/or treated?
  • What can South Africa learn from the progression of the pandemic, and how it’s being handled, in other countries? Or do we need local solutions to our unique set of circumstances?
  • What confidence do our webinar attendees have in government at this time – and is that confidence increasing or decreasing as the lockdown continues?

Chamber President Leon Ayo and VP Cecilia Albertyn were joined by the following panelists:
Amanda Wilde – MD, Umsinsi Health Care
Prof. Andreas Diacon – Founder, Director & CEO, TASK Foundation & TASK Applied Science
Johann de Bruyn – CFO, TASK Foundation